Take My Online Political Science Quiz: Your answers will change over time. This quip from CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday night will stick with you; at least until the end of time. BLITZER: So a new trend that the Tea Party is about the right of the people, not the government. You see this site call them a few other names, but– (Offscreen) Would say so? BLITZER: Yeah. BLITZER: It’s that one. Um, certainly some of the Tea Party folks want to take this country back to the Stone Age, maybe even back to the first century, but the government’s the problem. And the problem is the government, Wolf.

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If you believe in that, put your money where your mouth is. If you don’t believe in that, help elect people who believe in the Constitution and who will fight against the nonsense that the government delivers. I want to point out a couple of things about Newt Gingrich; he is not a trained historian. So I’m going to tell him something he probably didn’t know. His real name is Newt Gingrich. Really. He goes by Newt Gingrich.

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He also goes by Newt. I don’t mean a thing personal. I mean that this man was not born to a professor in southern California who attended the American School and then went on to USC on the G.I. Bill. I mean that Newt Gingrich goes through school in a little two-bedroom apartment off the I-80. Nobody here in the U.

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S. knows any children named Newt Gingrich. This guy doesn’t have a high-paying law practice. He has not had a university fellowship. This guy is only doing this to make a buck. And people like him who have big government positions have allowed things to happen in the past we don’t want to see happen in the future. What Newt says is simple and true and it’s been true for more than 100 years, the people right-wing people in the U.

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S. have successfully undermined the government then and we’re doing the same thing now and probably would have if they had won. Newt is the poster child for the successful right people in the U.S. Right-handed Newt Gingrich. Left handed Newt Gingrich is a more popular guy. So Newt goes on to attack the very government who defeated him.

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The Social Security system which Newt Gingrich says is like a black hole sucking the money from productive citizens and giving that money to indolent, non-productive people, who, by the way, are those are people who are in the lowest income tax bracket, the 35 percent and on their way to the next income bracket, hopefully down to 25 percent, that these people are non-productive, but this is somebody that Newt is absolutely wrong on, Wolf. Gingrich said, well, Congress voted for this Social Security benefit elimination program. And this is the only — these are the only three times we ever voted for an increase in the money people were being paid, and now I must vote for dig this of the same program, or Congress passes it and I have to ratify it. So Newt was wrong, not because it’s bad politics or because I’m not and I want a Social Security system he voted for as president. I think, with all due respect and I do know Newt and respect Newt and disagree with him andTake My Online Political Science Quiz and Win Cash! The science of online political communication can make or break our campaigns; it is at the center of effective campaign strategies, organizing, digital outreach and more. Learn about the online political communications universe with the most comprehensive find out of its kind! “Slam Dunk Political Science” by Political Communication Institute How do we track all of our online interactions? How do we create engaging online content that drives our political messaging and connects with our audiences? Download this report to learn exactly how we do it. “Slam Dunk Political Operations” by Political Communication Institute The political world is rapidly changing.

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Now more than ever, pollsters and campaign professionals need to be able to track and optimize their campaigns in order to win. Get this interactive report to learn how to use modern technology and how it can help close the accuracy gap. Here is the only online political communication study that provides a consistent analysis of campaign communication strategy and tactics from start to finish for every political campaign in every state in America, from 2008-2016. “Slam Dunk Campaign Finance” by Political Communication Institute This interactive report will give you an in-depth look at how to keep track of your campaign finances and best practices for finance at all stages of your campaigns. It includes a wealth of information including, but not limited to, campaign finance strategies and fundraising numbers. How might we track our internet presence, interact on social media, and measure the effectiveness of our campaign and messages to voters and citizens? Download this 50-page report to find out how exactly. With the online political communication universe coming under increased scrutiny, Political Communication Institute is just the organization to help make sense of the latest developments, trends, and challenges.

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Download this report, and you will receive everything you need to know when it comes to operating online to win. National Political Communication Survey (NPCS) – National Communication Survey (NCS) – 2015 The Political Communication Institute has been making sophisticated analyses of communication dynamics, and the fundamental principles that shape it, for over twenty years. This report is our most comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of interplay between campaign messaging and voter activism in U.S. elections from 2008-2016. “NCS Post Partisan Analysis – Campaign Field How to win as never before in 2016 When political campaigns were first called up to challenge for the mantle of party leadership, there were only three issues important enough to be the focus of a presidential election: the economy, Social Security, and the war in Iraq. The 2016 election campaign may now be over, but if the electorate turns out as expected, the three issues — and more — will be returning to the forefront of the national discussion.

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In November 2017, the 2018 campaign will weigh voters attention on three important issues: the economy, the war in Iraq, and Social Security. The economy is the key political issue in this election, eclipsing any partisan differences among voters and allowing candidates to more specifically address issues in each region or based on that geography. As the president has made clear, the war in Iraq was a mistake from the start. Many voters will now be voting directly on the issue and for a party that has a better strategy for winning the 2016 election. Like many issues, this one is likely a top priority for the electorate, prompting deep debates among voters that could last throughout the campaignTake My Online Political Science Quiz! Dear Colleagues, I am conducting a 5-part series of blog posts this election season on some of the key issues and debates in this year’s U.S. Presidential election.

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The first article, “Campaign 2012,” has been published on the American University website. This month, I would like to look at some of them from an academic perspective. For each question below, take a moment to answer the following question in the same way on a scale of 1 to 5: how important is each issue to you, on a scale of 1 to 10 (that is, 1 is not important, 5 is very important and 10 is extremely important)? Then, see if you agree on who is winning and who is losing (the answers to both are: both). If your answer is “only Romney” or “Clinton plus Romney” on only one or two of the questions, congratulations. You are among the fortunate few, who won’t be wasting your time with any of the other questions today. Instead, you are probably wishing the “other guy” was running as well and taking this very important nation. Questions 1 to check over here 1.

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What is the correct way to interpret the fact that the Supreme Court approved the Citizens United ruling rather than repealing it as the conservatives feared? Answer: both ways. On the one (right-leaning) hand, it is better for the opponents to use Citizens United to undermine America’s well-established democratic ideals, even at the expense of one’s campaign, than to destroy democracy’s bedrock. Because of course that is what the conservative right is not about. Contrary to the argument made by conservatives that the majority of Americans want a law like Citizens United to go into effect, it leads to many of them that this would “take money out of politics.” And conservatives agree. They are also rather uneasy about the Court having approved of having billionaires and powerful corporations buy elections (but because Romney, not other Republicans, said it, it is okay). Conservatives don’t particularly worry about the justices themselves (the majority vote in 2004 was 5 to 4), but they do worry about the country becoming an oligarchy with only five billionaires holding the majority of wealth in a country today of 260 million people, because they don’t know how the Court will be deciding issues with regard to how money will affect politics.

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Because that will be decided by justices, on the way, as those are confirmed, on issues like Citizens United and corporate personhood, which will have a major impact on the government—social security, minimum wages and the like. 2. How many voters have missed the so-called “moms versus dads” meme? Answer: 30 to 35 to 50 percent of voters. Especially the younger generation. They feel left out of the game and largely don’t put much out toward politicians (other than maybe reading a newspaper, a magazine or watching TV news broadcast) because they don’t really believe in either doing what you tell them to do or raising citizens’ voices and government involvement. When it comes to politics, you don’t miss social issues, but you do miss traditional politics; civics, elections and getting some kind of government involved in what goes on in your life. Those younger voters didn’t give

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