The only problem with taking the Indoor Air Quality Census exam is that you have to do it by yourself. Because it is comprised of multiple-choice questions and no right or wrong answers, this is the only method of completing it.

Most people who are at risk for having unhealthy air pollution occurrences in their homes are those that have smoke inside their home. Therefore, any person who feels like smoking would not be a good candidate. But when you do get to sit the exam, keep in mind that it is being done by an Indoor Air Quality Bureau to find out whether a house has unhealthy air quality.

For the purpose of this Indoor Air Pollution Census, the data collected is based on what households use. With this method, you will also be able to see how much pollution you need to find out that your home has unhealthy air quality. If the database does not indicate your exposure level, then you need to find out what the threshold is that you need to make your data incomplete.

First off, what are the intake indicators? If you don’t take part in any household activities that bring in pollutants inside your home, then you will not be forced to provide information on what is inside your home. Therefore, there is no requirement to buy any products that contain harmful chemicals or pollutants to help you answer the questionnaires.

How much simple exposure do you take inside your home? When you are completing the census, you will be asked to answer questions on the amount of time that you spend in a room that has exposed you to toxins.

Are you exposed to excessive pollution? Here again, you can provide a yes or no answer to that question to determine the amount of pollutants in your home.

Are your household responsibilities taking any daily exposures to pollutants? Knowing the number of times you clean up after yourself, going to the bathroom, eating, talking, or breathing will help you determine how much pollution is there inside your home.

How much of the indoor space is not ? This is a must for every home because a lot of pollutants can get into the air that you breathe if there is not enough insulation in the home.

How much of the air quality is moist or sticky? If there is a tendency for there to be debris in the air when you open doors and windows, then it means that some areas in your home are not adequately protected from air pollution.

Are there areas in your home that are at risk for air quality? If there are areas that do not have air-tight barriers, then those areas need to be checked because there are a lot of pollutants that can come through those areas.

What does your air quality say about your neighborhood? Since you will be receiving an Indoor Air Quality Census report about the quality of the air you live in, you will be able to pinpoint which areas of your neighborhood need cleaning up.

So, what is there to do to pass this exam, aside from practicing what you have learned about the air quality? All you have to do is take the test and find out whether your household has unhealthy air quality and be sure to contact your local health department.

Taking the Indoor Air Quality Census Exam
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