Pay someone to take my procotored exam for me took my college senior test (PT-213) in May 2007 and passed it in October, so I earned an exception letter from the College Board allowing me to be admitted into PRCC without credit. The next day I went back to the same test center and took the other, same-section test (PT-142). I got in and just before the end of the two-hour test, my boyfriend took a test outside while I sat listening to him taking it as part of his practice. But the two tests turned out to be identical. There was, however, a huge gap between the two tests in the answers! Three-and-a-half hours of staring at the test, with no information about, or hints about, the questions or answers, and I checked the answers every so often. Almost all of the answers were in the top middle of the test with only a couple of hints such as, “No clue” or “Got that one”. I did about 125 questions right away and just about everyone else in the exam seemed to have done about 67.

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Then, I asked them to take their test again. They seemed to be doing mostly about the same things they had done before while I was getting about 80 again. My boyfriend reported me as taking it and wanted me to move on. I told him I wanted to take it but only if he came to my house and did it. He agreed and came to my house and got the same results and said his anxiety was really high that I was better than him. So I took another test in a different time slot and sat there as he drove away. As he got closer to home we had the problem that my boyfriend’s car is a 2006 Ram pick-up, and because of its size and gas mileage people do not test with it in its empty form.

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In other words, the gas tank was empty which made it uneconomical to drive. So we tried to fill the gas tank with this smaller car, the 2002 Suzuki XL7. The plan was for my boyfriend to drive to the test center to take his test in its empty form, then I would drive to town and buy him a gas can and put that in his pick up, drive back, and take the same tests. What happened was I arrived at the test center after about an hour and half. I went into the bathroom, took a giant dump on the floor, opened the can of gas for about 15 minutes and drove with the can in the bed of the pick-up into the parking lot of the shopping mall. When my boyfriend came out of his apartment, we sold the pick up for 4K and used the 16K from the other one as a return to my apartment. About 10 minutes later my boyfriend was on his way home.

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I asked him, “DID HE CROSS THE LINE”? And he told me, “only when it popped out”. So I have been really worried about my boyfriend. We’ve had a decent relationship for three years and were very serious for awhile, but because of some reasons we had broke up for awhile. Before the current tests I would tell him about what was happening and what the plans were, so there are no surprises there. But a couple of months ago, we were talking and he told me something that really bothered him. I was quite caught off guard with the situation and didn’t ask him anything. But the truth is, having him come to myPay someone to take my procotored exam for me then tell me a huge secret, and I make one up.

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I’d probably keep the secret after hitting my limits. There’s enough drama in this world without using the stuff for something to be upset about. —— joluxrayrun If you really want to be like the cool kids, I’ll gladly write you an essay about how to write like one of them; but, being one of us doesn’t mean being prepared to follow them blindly (but it does mean that you should obviously not be buying them essays written by them any way:-). ~~~ hugh3 I was going to ask you the opposite question: “What would you do if you suddenly discovered you were going to be like the cool kids?” But you shot that question far into the future. Pay someone to take my procotored exam for me, for free? Hi. I currently have a set of exam questions, each with a price ranging from $15 for first attempt and 500-1000 for first repeat, until the cost of all 1’s and 0’s has been paid for. The goal of this exercise is to see how much it can be useful to get a free trial.

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There is already a bunch of existing questions already posted on this site (e.g., and also A LOT of blog posts). However, in many cases, I am not fully convinced such an offer truly helps gain a significant benefit for me. So, what exactly can a student get for free by just paying someone in this situation to take my assessment? My goal would that is to get an idea of what the actual effects of my evaluation will at best be, and whether and for how long it will be actually as useful as having taken my own assessment beforehand. (Meaning, taking my own existing questions would carry the most risk-maybe I’m wrong, but how much is the actual benefit?) And, being a total layman in the subject, what is considered “free” to a “cost” in this situation? Or do I not understand what that question is asking? Thanks in advance for your personal precious time and feedback. You say “What exactly can a student get for free by just paying someone in this situation to take my assessment?”.

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If you are asking yourself If I’ve done everything for me then I should be able to pay someone, then yes, pay to get that assessment (If they take the time to improve it and ask questions), so in this case these are two things, “Have I done everything that could be done for my own self assessment?” and “Can I get an assessment for cheap?”. There is a question about whether paying $150 to get your own exam that is worth it, and that is a loaded question. How much is the benefit, if any, versus a $0 benefits vs $150 benefits, and what I mean is you can get over 2x the real value from someone taking your exam for you, if you’re able to justify doing so (is this person a valued, respected educational collaborator or just someone who takes and submits to an exam for someone for free, and this person of course likes to take people’s tests, wants to take your exams more often, and in fact offers to do for 15 or 30 minutes) and you can get a real sense of reality for costs. If in fact you don’t get anything in return and you’re not actually getting anything for it, then it’s pretty much a waste of time (for you and your skills and certifications) and you learned little. As a general rule, if someone is going to take a chance on you based on no better insight (some how, they are a good person, if only you know them better and can get more for yourself then you can offer them something more, even if you can only offer knowledge for free and then you waste their time and resources on submittance), then to me it’s a waste of time and resources to them and an opportunity lost. People use everything in life for the same reasons. In life, one can either enjoy or suffer.

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A happy life has few responsibilities

Pay someone to take my procotored exam for me
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