Online Political Science Tutors in Kansas City Kevin R. University of Central Oklahoma, Norman, OK Tutoring Experience About Me As a recent College graduate, I am working towards earning a master’s degree in mathematics. I come… I’m currently doing an honors thesis and majoring in mathematics. I am also a tutor for the Manhattan Beach Public Library in Manhattan Beach, California, which helps me learn new things on the field of teaching.

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I also help fellow students to prepare for their entrance exams. I would love to earn a master from Johns Hopkins University and I am able to provide tutoring to students in Hawaii. About My Tutor Sharon used to be a member of The Diving Angels. She is now a part of my squad of teaching assistant (TA) so that she can help me prepare for my midterm exams (MATH C&O). In addition to that work, she is also studying the history of the United States for the MCPS High School AP Physics class and is up to date with schoolwork during her tutoring breaks. ​My fellow tutors often say that my sense of humor and my unique ability to make them laugh are what makes people want to work with me. I also would like to dedicate the top 5 of my tutor career to Sharon, who is always there for me on a daily basis.

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Sharon, please stop by anytime to check in with your fellow Diving Angels and fellow PALSians. 🙂 *** Lesson Details ***I have provided feedback to my students before, but since you probably don’t think this is enough, I’m providing full details here.My focus is on students that are preparing for a public school admissions exam and grades that stand out are needed to get into the top high school where they want to go. I also have several students in various high schools across the country, and some have gotten into the top schools in the state that has no room for their grades. To prepare for college, the teachers for the high-achieving students often point out several things that stand out to the public school testing committee and to the students. In this practice, taking tests and preparing for a public school tests are combined. I have provided feedback to my tutors before, but since you probably don’t think this is enough, I’m providing full details here.

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*** Travel Equipment ***We will use a dedicated PC for you to view and type during the tutorials, but you are welcome to bring your own a-typewriter (you can try it out!) or use a device to you input information and receive immediate feedback. *** Specialties ***In my tutoring career, I have served as both a writing tutor and a math tutor. I also would like to change or if necessary, provide support in the area since the subjects I have tutored have been listed below. General Math General Science French 1 & French 2 English Composition I French II Behavioral ScienceI have a few students that are coming with and a group of students who only need one tutorial. My number of students that I use is typically between 5 and 10 from late 2016 to early 2017. Spanish 1 & 2 Spanish II Spanish III *** Special Notes ***I look forward to doing thisOnline Political Science Tutors in and around Millerton, New Jersey View/Search Results for Political Science Tutor Daniela Y. Buehrer has the qualifications, experiences, and professional knowledge required to tutor in the teaching of world history and political science.

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While teaching, Dr. Buehrer completed graduate… read more Steve S. 50-Hour Tutoring Session at $50 50 Hours of one on one tutoring help is on Amazon Prime with a 1-hour lesson for just $50!! Want to learn how I do it! I have 17 years of tutoring and it’s very time consuming so you know how super interested I am in..

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. read more I’m with many tutoring organisations and am self-employed. My role is to provide teaching and learning support for a wide range of ages and learning levels. I ensure my students’ learning expectations are kept… read more I am a sociocultural anthropologist and a comparative literature tutor.

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I am particularly interested in colonial legacies within contemporary societies. My research focuses on indigenous… read more I am passionate about teaching and provide students with academic support and professional development as well as project management and leadership. I have a certificate in Sociology from SUNY Cortland, have completed the..

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. read more Personal statement More Help below: I am most interested in cultivating a deep understanding of the principles of social and political sciences during my personal and professional life. I have numerous… read more Experienced academic writer, with a wide range of educational writing experience. Currently working with a UK based research centre, developing educational proposals on topics related to cultural anthropology.

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I have studied and… read more Climbing to the top of college to obtain a career is one of the biggest accomplishments in the world. You come here today because you earned a top 4 GPA on a 4.0, double majoring in economics and political science, and..

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. read more I am currently working as an Elementary Social Science Teacher and I am a former US teaching exchange student. Over my 7 years teaching experience, I have prepared over 18,000 students for the SAT college-admission… read more I earned my PhD, which is in American Politics and Governance, at Ohio State University. I have a Master’s Degree in Political Science, from my own university.

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I also have a certificate from the Foundation for… read more Alison Kim. Political Science Tutor Lansing, MI Alison Kim. Political Science Tutor Lansing, MI I hold a Ph.D.

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in Political Economy and had a long-term research fellowship with the National Science Foundation. I have taught subjects as diverse as the Middle East and South Asia, North America, and the… read more Alison Kim. Experienced Tutor Lansing, MI I had the privilege 2 get to tutor the 6th and 7th graders at my daughter’s school for 3 years. Many of these students had behavioral disorders prior to my time at their school.

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No matter whether it was teaching… read more Hello my name is Alette. I’m a passionate tutor who is up for new challenges. I have worked with more than half aOnline Political Science Tutors in Saint Paul, MN I love to help students with their Social Science classes and Political Science courses. I am available and I would be pleased to set up a time to show you and discuss how I would help you succeed.

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… more I love to help students with their Social Science classes and Political Science courses. I am available and I would be pleased to set up a time to show you and discuss how I would help you succeed. I know that a Social Science, Political Science or History class can be one of the most difficult academic courses to manage in the lives of most people. When you are one of those students who struggle with your classes, you inevitably turn to me.

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I feel privileged to be in the position and in professional school to have the opportunity to help students achieve their goals and to be able to share my own personal feelings with you on how to keep from getting those grades! I am a dedicated education scholar who has years of classroom experience and schooling. I have a Master’s of Science degree with a focus on education. I have a degree in a Social Science – History. I take a great pride in being able to share with you all of my knowledge and my experiences to help you succeed in class. At a recent school board meeting, I advised my students to continue to push themselves and go for it, unless you are having a hard time going through obstacles in your class, then run for it. My availability is mostly available during US times during the early morning, when students are in class. However, I am accessible during Eastern US (5:00pm), Western US (8:00), and Central US (5:00) for late night assignments.

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Contact me at 800.838.6084 or visit my website to view my complete curriculum vitae: Psychology Tutor Experienced Social and Cultural Developmentary/Psychology Tutor. I am passionate about creative work and ideas, research and literature, social justice, intercultural education, issues and challenges amongst individuals and cultures, globalism and connection to all cultures, and globalizing education. Let me help educate and transform educational goals and practices.

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I graduated with a degree in Psychology and continue to teach, serve as a consultant to educators, and provide workshops and online courses in intercultural education. I have a Master’s in Social Education from Teachers College, Columbia College and am on the board of Delta Tau Delta International. I provide online education and personal tutoring for any class at any place. I have over 30 years of teaching experience and over 15 years dedicated service in educational settings, with focus on the arts, arts and humanities, literature, sociology, disability education, critical race studies, pre-college, and higher education. I have experience with a wide variety of diverse subjects, including the Arts and humanities, Sociology, Human environmental, Sociotherapy, Political Science, Psychology, Social and cultural development, Religion, and Special Education. I am self-taught in many of these disciplines and have experience in academic, classroom, and extracurricular settings, without formal training. I am a part of a local, state, and national educational board at state and national levels, and received national and state awards for educational excellence.

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My formal training and teaching experience is a result of self study and sharing this through teaching. I

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