Online Information Technology Tutors in United Kingdom You will get a deep dive into different areas of the subject for which you’ve proven mastery of, with real world examples of how I take my students on effective projects to improve basic computer typing skills. Here is the best way I can describe it: there’s a ton of material in there, but I split it up into sessions that would be useful… I teach a wide variety of subjects, from Chemistry to English to Mathematics. I enjoy knowing as much as I can when it comes to a new subject so that I can truly understand the concepts. As such, I am often the sole contributor to my own projects.

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I enjoy explaining what I do just as much as I enjoy implementing this knowledge and using it for… I have an emphasis on creativity in Creative Writing and a strong interest in teaching Writing at elementary school, high school, or various art classes at the college level. I aim to emphasize discipline, work ethic, and strong values in everything that I do in regards to my own life and career as well as other people I am currently tutoring a number of students for at least one or more subjects ranging from math to economics. In all my experience, Math is probably the one subject I tutored more than any other subject. I consider myself to be an introvert, yet I’ve started learning because of my passion for teaching.

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My experience with Mathematics… I have been looking for a full time position in academia for over 10 years. I have been tutored in Latin for over 30 years by some of the finest teachers in the field. I understand the importance of time management and putting a good amount of effort into what one is doing. I have a strong focus in teaching students the mechanics of a wide variety of subjects, including, but.

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.. I am currently pursuing a degree in Art and Design and am working on a certificate program in Art Therapy. I am a teacher and have over 30 years experience in art and art therapy, in high school and in private studios. I have a portfolio from Art Exhibit Design. I have over 15 years experience producing work in a variety of media for exhibitions, murals, and fine..

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. I am here to help students who are struggling to meet their goals, dreams and goals. An in-depth tutoring plan is what I utilize to find the best answers to questions like “What should I say?”.I will give you honest feedback and make that feedback a part of growing into individuals who are strong, confident, and successful. I am a University of Sydney Bachelor of…

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College Grade Test Prep! I’ve helped students get to where they are ahead of what I recommend for what they can do. I recently graduated from college with my Bachelors degree in Psychology and wanted to be sure that I could teach students to ace their final year of high school. A lot of the best college students are going to enter the college… The ability to understand a concept but still achieve the best results is a rare talent for many. Each individual has a unique way to learn so learning is really personal experience. read this post here My Examination Proctored

However what we do have in common is this. We can all learn something new in each day for free. My strengths lie in the following: • English • Numeracy • English grammer • Teacher, an… I am proudOnline Information Technology Tutors in Oak Brook, IL I am currently on maternity leave but my resume is very recent so I can be very responsive on helping students with academic, school or career related matters.I received a BA Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New.

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.. Read more I am working at St. Anne’s Community College in Bloomfield Hills (Northeast Ohio) as a Counselor/Lecturer. I have an A.A.S in Computer Technology and a minor in German, and a B.

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A. in Spanish; I also have experience teaching children skills in Math, Communication, and English Language…. Read more Hello, I am an elementary and middle school teacher. I have experience teaching K-6 students in an online independent learning environment.

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My students do not have any other access to teachers but they can continue to use video conferences and… Read more I have been teaching for over 25 years and have two Master’s Degrees in Educational Administration which focus on educational leadership and I have a B.A. in Education. I am looking for opportunities to develop my curriculum and resources for professional development and in helping teachers.

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.. Read more I have a passion to learn and teach. I have accomplished some amazing things in my life. The past few years I have built my resume into a professional position of CEO of an IT company. As such, I have a specialized course curriculum for hiring-track positions. I have.

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.. Read more Online Information Technology Tutors and Online Information Technology Lessons visite site Private Online Information Technology Tutoring in the Oak Brook Area! I am currently working as a substitute high school English teacher and as an undergraduate Admissions Counselor at the University of Southern Illinois in Carbondale. I received my B.A. in English from Eastern Illinois University in..

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. Read more I have been a TA (tutored attendance) or tutor (teaching a class without a TA) at Oak Ridge High School (Cleveland) with a strong emphasis on Science and Technology. My background is as an extremely self motivated, hard working, dedicated person. I have… Read more I am an experienced full-time tutor with 20 this hyperlink total experience.

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I am committed to giving my students all the tools and resources to succeed. Please visit my website to learn more about me and my services: ** I currently am in… Read more I that site experience as a Reading Specialist, an honors list senior English teacher, and have expertise in creating student-friendly digital media.

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My goal is to work closely with students to teach them the skills that will prepare them for a future career in technology. ** Contact Me I am currently working… Read more I am a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist with two (2) (0) teaching certificates: 1. English as a Second Language in 1992, and 2. Teacher Graduate – Second Year – Speech-Language Functional Assessment in 2000.

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I taught several Speech-Language function assessment classes… Read more I have taught seventh-grade and eighth-grade English and Spanish. I also tutored Spanish in high school. For both schools I have had the experience of making students think in a newOnline Information Technology Tutors in South Padre Island TX Start Your SearchHere Computer Science, Programming, Web Design, Systems Programming, Networking, Programming Languages, Computer Networks, and Software & Internet Programs are just some of the different IT subjects that we can tutor in currently. In addition to helping you to cover these subjects, we offer tutoring in a variety of other subjects, ranging from Business, Art, Music, Architecture, Education, and Economics.

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To find general information about us, our tutoring methods or about giving lessons, please just… Computing, Software Development, Programming, Math & Statistics Experience working as an Instructional Designer for both private and school-based companies since 1998 helped earn the majority of my education. I use programming skills and the opportunity to have students do problem based learning to build on what they have learned previous. I tutor business students and individuals who have an understanding of the math behind marketing strategy, as well as students that are seeking motivation and leadership. I look forward to meeting the students individually and developing a positive learning… I am a graduate of Texas State University and a former history major, whose interests were in the Humanities, Government, Economics, and Social Sciences.

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I got my BA at the University of California at San Diego in the US, my MS from Florida Gulf Coast University (University of West Florida in the US), and my PhD from the University of Pittsburgh’s Education and Society Program. I worked in college as an instructor, assistant professor of History, social studies and education, view publisher site my doctoral project from the University of Pittsburgh and working as part of school’s admissions team. I have completed many seminars and held teaching lab positions since… I’m very detail oriented making sure all of my students get their work done correctly the first time. I’m all about making sure that students of all skill levels feel comfortable and confident with the material by providing the right resources and having the time to cover the topic.

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Hello! Dr. Horsley has both experience working with and tutoring all levels of students. He is highly active in his local High School Counseling program and involved with his local middle school Peer Tutoring. Students who have encountered Dr. Horsley seem to view this tutor as a one on ones and I strongly recommend that students utilize Dr. Horsley as a mentor and resource on their own academic and personal growth. Dr.

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Horsley has extensive experience working with students in the United States and abroad. For students writing… My degrees include BBA in Management from Harvard Business School and an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business. I have four years of experience in computer science, two years in entrepreneurship, and six years of experience as a tutor, mostly being a tutor at university or company, all with Microsoft technology. I can teach all aspects of computer science and provide consulting about topics related to business and personal success.

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I am a hardworking, focused, mature, and professional person, who can quickly resolve issues about language and context. While I have an affinity for English, I am linguistically a passionate Spanish speaker. This help I can be helpful in other areas of life (music, painting, creative writing, etc.): 1. I can help with the language issues of English native speakers or even poor communication from non-native speakers. I am able to put myself..

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. I have been tutoring since I was a young child

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