Improving the High School Student’s Academic Curriculum

In this article I want to look at Merit Pay for Teachers Geoffrey Wadsworth’s new book: Improving the High School Student’s Academic Curriculum. This is an online book which gives a solution to exam problems, especially in the areas of Critical Thinking and Maths.

In his first part Geoffrey helps teachers improve the curriculum in the three subjects which are English, Mathematics and Science. In this part he takes on some of the issues of quality control in the subject of English. He sets out a logical argument that teachers should teach English to children as a language, not a subject and this should be seen as a core part of the curriculum.

He also develops his theory of ‘dual objective -the student’s ability to critically think in the classroom and the impact of that on student learning’. He sets out an argument that concludes that the curriculum should be developed around the students ability to learn rather than simply teaching a subject which they already know. This leads him to recommend that teachers include specific reading in the curriculum and he also devotes an entire chapter to helping teachers develop effective teaching methods.

He discusses ways in which to improve the quality of Critical Thinking in the classroom. He gives a number of examples of how teachers have been successful in improving these aspects. He also outlines the basic principles of Critical Thinking, which can be implemented in every lesson. He outlines the various kinds of Critical Thinking and how they can be implemented in the classroom.

In the second part of the book he tackles the areas of Mathematics and English. Again he focuses on the core of the curriculum and this time discusses the ability of a teacher to use multiple methods of enquiry in the classroom.

The concept of Multiple Methods of Inquiry is discussed. He gives examples of how teachers use different methods of enquiry, problem solving, problem definition and experimentation. He says that the best teachers are able to use multiple methods of enquiry to develop a deeper understanding of a problem and build an understanding of the different ways of finding a solution. He goes on to define the best method of enquiry and how it should be taught.

In this section he describes the Critical Thinking aspects of English. He explains that a teacher is an “interpreter of texts”. He explains that the teacher is called upon to interpret the text as closely as possible to the point where he or she is able to produce an accurate version of the text, if it is a critical interpretation. He also explains that there are four possible interpretations of a critical text, an interpretive, imperative, corrective and constructive interpretation.

He then discusses the Critical Reading Skill, which I discussed in my last article. He also describes the different skills that a student can acquire in this Skill and how they can be applied in the classroom.

He also discusses the theories of Reverse Bias and Zero Tolerance in English. He defines these terms, shows examples of their application and provides a list of facts which show how they should be used in the classroom. The examples that he uses are classroom experience in the Context Study method, the common style of active reading and the difference between conservative and liberal types of prose.

He then discusses the implementation of critical theory in the classroom and shows examples of how teachers have used the ideas in the classroom. In the final section he discusses the role of teaching as a manager of student learning in the student.

In this section he discusses the main and common areas of student learning. In particular he discusses his description of the Extrapersonal Learning process and the Extrapersonal Skills.

I have found that there has been a substantial improvement in my student’s academic performance by using these ideas. I recommend Merit Pay for Teachers Geoffrey Wadsworth’s book Improving the High School Student’s Academic Curriculum.

Improving the High School Student’s Academic Curriculum
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