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How Does Graham's Life Consist of His Quotations and Essays? - HireForExamz.com

How Does Graham’s Life Consist of His Quotations and Essays?

Graham was born in the year 1867. He joined a Republican school and later became one of the founders of the Young Men’s Christian Association, where he was also elected president.

For Graham’s life and works, we have only quotations and personal writings. For these are what we have to base our interpretations and conclusions on.

In his early years as a preacher, he was infatuated with the works of John Wesley. Thus, his methods were influenced by Wesley.

Over time, though, he learned about the importance of faith over expectation of happiness and fulfillment. He was already in his mid-thirties when he started to write about these principles, which he called the Gospel of Wealth.

But not everyone who is wealthy or successful is happy. It is true that many of them tend to be content, but Graham went a step further to say that it is not their wealth that makes them happy.

He said that any happy person has a secure foundation, which is built on solid ground, and this can only be achieved by being able to read the Word of God. He always included Luke, the prophet, in his quotations. It is from Luke that we get the idea that there will be a day of suffering and tribulation for those who do not believe the Gospel.

Graham also wrote that there will be a day of trouble for those who trust their ‘lives’ to their ‘lives’ in their ‘lives’. The wealth that is gained, he said, will be useless if there is no faith in God.

The word we use today to describe the difference between us and the rich and the wealthy is an ‘investment’, meaning that people should have a faith in God and start trusting in Him. People are ‘too materialistic’ and too much concerned with money. But, this concern can lead to destruction, as we all know.

So, a better world is only possible through the efforts of people who are ‘not too materialistic’ and who do not want to see the end of the world. These will be people who have the ‘gospel of wealth’ in their hearts and therefore trust in God’s promise.

But, this faith will not happen overnight, as it may happen to some people only after a while, as they are fortunate to have found their way. But, for many, the promise will come to them when they reach their fiftieth year and thereafter. They will see the promise fulfilled and they will see the day when their wealth is all gone.

It is the belief of the prophets that this is the day when most people will be tested and it will be a time of test, particularly in the lives of women and children. For these are those whom the people of the Gospel will call upon to help them.

It is because of the teachings of the Gospel that poor people will give themselves to the poor, and the rich people will give themselves to the needy. This is the Gospel that Graham preached so eloquently and powerfully during his lifetime.

How Does Graham’s Life Consist of His Quotations and Essays?
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