Duncan, by Marilyn Dunn – Book Review

Drowning in the book of Duncan is one of the best experiences. As a kid, I loved The Chronicles of Narnia books. Some are my favorites, but when it comes to the Newbery Honor Book, Duncan’s The Leper is right up there with the best. Every time I start reading it I read on, just to experience all the twists and turns the book takes you through.

This book is considered a sequel to The Washington Canon, which was written about four years before it. The first book was set in the fictional city of Georgetown. The second book was set in a country town called The Church of St. John.

There is no difference between them except for the fact that the Bishop’s Court is on the other side of the United States and as you can tell by this description, there is a different side to all of them. In contrast, a little side story is set in The White Lake, which is where Duncan, his family and their friends live.

There is a new villain in town, named the Leper. His name means “a leprous person.” He first appears with a message that says, “a curse is not hanged in vain.”

Then there is a prophecy of someone known as the Golden Whisperer, who knows the secrets of the leper. He was also a famous exorcist who was involved in bringing back some evil spirits.

Then the leper meets an old man, who tells him that he has been chosen to heal the land. When he gets there, he finds that there is much more to the Leper than he initially thought.

The story takes you to many places. The book has a number of twists and turns. Just the first few pages are exciting and makes you want to continue.

Another amazing part of the book is that as Duncan is getting ready to deliver his thesis paper on lepers, he is having trouble finding someone to help him in his studies. He decides to hire a young girl and she is a member of the Academy.

It seems that there are more people who come to The Church because of the plague and as the leper is having dark times. So he asks her to get a cure for him. But just when he thinks that everything is going to be okay, the evil doctor makes it worse and he is left to die.

Once he is sent away, the book takes you to another place. It is very interesting.

I would recommend this book to any children’s book lover. I am not sure if the sequel will be published yet, but the first book is well worth the read. And if you find yourself really getting into the story, keep on reading, because it keeps getting better.

Duncan is a young boy who gets in over his head. He had a hard time with school work and never seemed to have any troubles in his life until the curse started happening. When the book began, it sounded like it could become one of the best books ever.

Duncan, by Marilyn Dunn – Book Review
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