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If you set yourself to work to achieveWrite My Physics Essay I spent a day recently with friends from B.C. going to the Royal British Columbia Museum to attend a geological conference which, unfortunately was not scheduled in time for me to attend the Geology conference. The conference had many interesting speakers, but none of the geologists stuck out to me more than a couple. The lady in charge of the Geological Time Scale lab was really good. I wish I never had missed out on speaking to her, which is very unfortunate since she is very knowledgeable, but was very nice and encouraging while I waited in the hall. Finally it was my turn to speak.

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She went over the basics of the time scale and answered many of my questions. Her work fits the time scale I studied and I could understand her explanation and her philosophy towards the scale. She feels that time scales have a form of integrity that is maintained by geologists from early on in human history. I hope that the time scale will not be abandoned to get rid of the mathematics and be replaced with things that do not fit the importance of the time scale as a measuring instrument. Then it could lose that integrity and turn into a mathematical tool and that is the antithesis of how the time scale is to be used. The questions posed were great. Then she asked us to be patient and get out of the room.

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We came back in 15 minutes and the question and answers resumed. A complete tour of the time scale was given. My next stop was the front of the crowd and was to talk to the students who described what they were doing the summer to gain more click to find out more in the field of geology and this was the first talk in years I did not feel nervous. I met a few students whose favorite occupation at first was writing; they all received good grades in high school. Then I talked to the teachers next to them who were very happy that my first day visiting their school was that of a school science class. Many of the teachers had science projects done with some of the students who knew nothing of geology. Students may not think of geology as a subject they will like, but several of them mentioned that geology was a fun learning experience and like a movie; they just enjoyed going in the lab and doing something they had been wanting to do for so many years.

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Again the teachers had their students write a report on a geological topic. Even with all their talk of it being enjoyable, they give no thought to spending time on a self-sabotaging career plan. That’s something I can live with. The next stop was a high school club room where young geoscience oriented teenage boys were introduced to the vast amounts of mathematical and logical information required to master chemistry. They had done a competition and the winners won a trip to Los Angeles this spring for eight weeks worth of geology lectures, theory, and hands on (or DIY) lab experiments in the field by the Pacific Coast Conference on Geology at UCLA. The winners were to go to USC this spring to meet some geologists who will give them a summer program for one year under their supervision… at USC. Not surprisingly the boys were enthralled by some of the lectures and went out for lunch early in the semester, met a girl that they liked a lot, and were very happy with the trips to California.

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