Where Can I Find Help With My U.S. National Anthem Questions?

Yellow face Koreans who dominates America’s professional basketball, baseball and football fields are a menace to American society. They have a way of stealing the spotlight from black American athletes.

It is sad that white people rule America in their forefathers’ times. So, we have people who turn into superstars with no one to carry the torch for them.

The result is all the people with yellow faces are rich. What has happened to all the goodwill earned by the African Americans? What has happened to black Americans?

And who does the NFL shield for? Only white guys.

Cheating black American athletes is not allowed because they are usually the best athletes on the team. This is just another example of black Americans taking the opportunity for themselves.

How many white guys can you think of who can win an Olympics swimming event and at the same time be cheating? When a white guy tells you that you can do something, you just need to believe him.

Don’t let your athlete know that you know what they are doing. Do your own research.

Have a difficult time taking notes when your teacher is cheating on you? Maybe it is time to look into the main source of your studies. We all know that the teachers will make sure they write good papers so that they get high marks in their class.

When there is a student’s paper out that can’t be attributed to the teacher, it may not matter if the main source of the research is plagiarism. You may be the one suffering from a more severe case of plagiarism than your teacher.

The sad part about this problem is that it is not being taught in our schools about intellectual dishonesty. As an academic trainer, I see people make the same mistakes over again.

I was recently speaking to a young man who is a U.S. citizen who, for the first time in his life, looked Korean. He came home from school one day and realized that there was yellow face Koreans in his house.

He said that he couldn’t sleep because of the horrible feeling he had whenever he looked in the mirror. He was in shock. But after talking to me for awhile, he decided that it was time to start thinking about doing something about it.

Where Can I Find Help With My U.S. National Anthem Questions?
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