What Are the Penalties for Taking an Exam in a Fake Name?

After a recent bank account robbery, the campus security officials learned of an identity theft worsened situation where students from an accredited online university were paying to take their university exams using stolen credit cards and personal identifying information. This was of grave concern to the authorities, since these stolen identities could pose a threat to the safety of the students, faculty and their classmates.

During this identity theft deterioration, the campus officials were given many options on how to proceed. They could go after the owners of the cards that were used, or they could seek advice on what to do in this situation. It was suggested that the authorities seek help from outside sources in this matter, but they needed a way to prevent this crime from worsening into a real danger.

The solution came from the knowledge that many online schools to provide the students with exam practice tests for credit card use, which are offered for free by the school for the purpose of helping the students get prepared for the examinations. The authorities decided to offer this service to the students, and it seems to be a great solution in solving the problem.

The administrators at these online schools found this exam help to be a welcome assistance for their students. All of them immediately started looking for ways to get the information of the users. The server of the online university maintained a list of the users, and it was easy to find out who was taking the exams using the website.

Once the student’s information was retrieved, the university officials were able to notify the concerned university officials and share the news about the identity theft. The administrators immediately notified the campus security services and alerted the police to the situation.

There is some research indicating that only a small percentage of the students taking exams from online universities would have ever known that their names were being used. Some of the students may have signed up without ever knowing that the information was being collected by someone else.

To make sure that the information that the students were sharing would not fall into the wrong hands, it is important that students of online universities must exercise care when choosing online schools and choose a good one. The course catalog should clearly indicate to the students that they are giving their names and addresses to this person, or they should sign up with a different website.

To make sure that the students from online universities will have no problems in sharing their information, the administrators should also get their signatures before the students enroll for the tests. The information can also be printed out on a pad of paper so that it can be shown to the students when they are taking the tests.

The identity theft deterioration does not end once the students have enrolled for the test. It has been noted that some of the individuals will also use the information obtained from the test to get personal benefits by lying about their educational qualification.

The authorities are still looking for more ways to keep the campus safe for all the students. A student that was thinking of taking a driving test under another name will probably be stopped and questioned for the state driving license, which he might be using for other purposes than driving.

Even though there is no evidence showing any improvement in stopping the identity theft deterioration, it is encouraging that the online universities are offering the service of free test practice to their students. This gives them an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills on the basic methods of exam preparation.

The test preparation provided by these online universities can also improve a student’s ability to memorize and study skills, which would have been impossible without this assistance. If this student can still pass the test even without the help of his friends, it shows that he has very good study skills.

What Are the Penalties for Taking an Exam in a Fake Name?
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