What Are the Causes of Sprains in Athletes?

There are a number of causes of sprains in athletes. It is an unfortunate part of sports medicine that athletes will become injured from time to time. With the use of pain medication and cortisone shots it can be fairly easy to get through the game and put the injury behind you.

However, what causes these injuries and why do some individuals recover and others do not? The reason that you are reading this article is one of the many possible causes of sprains in athletes. You may be in need of a prescription for pain medications to help you limp through the next game or practice. However, if you are in need of orthopedic care you may want to find out about the many causes of sprains in athletes so that you can take the proper steps to help you recover in the most effective manner possible.

Knowing what causes these injuries can make all the difference in how well you recover and if your injury requires surgery or you are able to recover without it. Athletes have a greater chance of sustaining an injury in their sport if they are suffering from injuries due to other causes.

Some athletes suffer from bad knees or bad backs and therefore have a greater chance of having an injury caused by these conditions than those who do not. The fact that many people have bad knees or backs and do not have to worry about sustaining an injury makes athletes realize that they should pay attention to what can cause their injuries and take the appropriate precautions to prevent further damage.

Even for athletes with good knees and backs, the increased chances of an injury to the upper back can result in more issues as well. The increase in hip and lower back pain often accompanies a sprain and therefore it is vital that you know what the causes of sprains in athletes are.

The condition is commonly caused by the inflammation of the joint. An athlete who has an acute sprain will most likely be experiencing pain in one area of the body due to the shock of the impact on the other areas. This injury can often be limited by resting and icing but there may be other symptoms that you should be aware of such as fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and chills.

When an athlete suffers a sprain, there are some physical abnormalities that may have been exposed due to the force of the impact. For example, a boxer will normally suffer a sprain to the knee when his opponent makes contact with the knee. If the boxer is aware of the conditions that are exposed due to the impact the boxer can utilize the device known as a kneecap brace in order to provide relief.

Injuries to the inner thigh area are often associated with athletes who overdo their exercise routines. This condition is often associated with poor stance, improper pedaling, and improper technique in regards to the forces of impact.

Hips can also be the cause for a sprain to the knee or hip. Athletes who engage in a constant rotation of their upper body will often be placing stress on the hips as well. It is important to remember that when working out that you should always sit in a neutral position and place your feet flat on the floor.

Finally, overuse injuries can lead to serious spinal cord injury and can also lead to permanent disability. These athletes will not only experience pain, but they will also have difficulty with their daily activities.

As you can see there are a variety of causes of sprains in athletes. The reasons that they will have an injury is based upon the force and the way that the force is placed upon the individual. They all have different potential causes, which means that it is important to know what they are and if you feel that you may be suffering from one of these injuries then you should know what the causes of sprains in athletes are.

What Are the Causes of Sprains in Athletes?
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