Taking My University Examination

The way to take my university examination is through the course of your executive power. This is the power you use for the maintenance of your mastery, of other people’s mastery, and for the maximization of the powers of other people. It is all about your selection of your right and appropriate understanding of the mode of operation of your mind.

As mentioned in the introduction, your executive power has the ability to offer control over the course of your understanding of your own self. This power can be used to gain understanding of how your self-discipline operates and a way to comprehend the manner of operation of your personal resources.

What you can do with your executive power is to derive it in the form of personal relationship that can have a number of applications for your life. Here are some of them:

o The degree of power that can be exercised upon individuals depends on how much control over other people that you feel entitled to have. If you do not have sufficient self-discipline to cope with people and their demands, you cannot call yourself an executive. It is your failure to satisfy others.

o The chief thing to realize is that power is at the center of all power relationships. That is to say, whatever you believe to be your executive power, no matter what its degree, it will always have the ability to move you to act with impunity. Your exposure to extraordinary power that involves the instant act could result in your feeling more independent and psychologically stronger than you actually are.

o Power is the reason that so many people in the world are worried about their exploitation by others. You may have become aware of the effect that power has on you and other people, but if you try to get rid of your power in an excessive manner, you are as much of a victim as others.

oIn order to exercise real control over others, it is necessary to know how they really function. Understanding the dynamics of how people function can help you gain the ability to move them in an appropriate direction.

o The proper use of power is the means by which we can bring about change to the greater extent. If you do not understand the need for power, you cannot really make effective use of it.

o Power can be used as a guide in all our activities. It will give you the clarity that you will need in order to find the necessary directions in your work.

o The process of discovering your own power is the manifestation of your executive intelligence. This means that power is the heart of intelligence, and therefore it is also the core of all intelligence.

o It is possible to understand the power if you begin to explore the relationships between your every aspect and the relationships between those aspects of life that you can influence. For example, you may discover that your potential connection to success is limited in your present relationships.

Power is the central factor in the realization of every human endeavor. It is therefore necessary to understand and become skilled in using it to the greatest extent possible.

Taking My University Examination
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