Superfund Era – EPA Has Put Standards on Supermarket Plumbing Systems and Environmental Tests

What is a Superfund Era? According to the EPA, a Superfund Era is an environmental condition of water, land and air that causes significant damage to human health, water quality and ecosystems.

In today’s world, these conditions do not happen by themselves; they are caused by people’s negligence and laxity. Therefore, we need stricter stringent environmental laws in order to prevent such conditions from occurring. One of the worst things that could have happened to us has been the coming of Superfund Era.

The EPA has set aside environment-friendly policies that need to be implemented to reduce these environmental conditions. The EPA is now requiring the following measures that will help a person who wants to take his/her superannuation exam in 2020.

Water Source: The EPA has imposed stricter standards on industries to identify the source of the water used for irrigation purposes. This can be used to calculate the contamination levels as the source of the groundwater can cause serious problems in the future. If this method proves ineffective, then a person may be subjected to penalties.

Determine Safety Standards: Companies have to establish standards on which the growth of chemical will be based. The standards have to be in line with the whole area’s water standards so that the quality of water does not decrease in the future. In doing so, it helps protect the entire community.

Compliance Practices: Companies have to undergo certain compliance activities that will help them ensure that the products they use are safe. Companies will have to carry out tests on the water source of the areas where they intend to install water plants. All company-owned wells have to be disinfected.

Testing Procedures: Certain hazardous materials, which include lead, mercury, arsenic, PCBs, cysts, polychlorinated biphenyls, etc., must be identified and recorded. Once this is done, they have to be reported to the EPA. Such records can be given to the concerned authorities, including EPA.

Environmental Tests: According to the EPA, if there is a company who intends to use high amounts of ozone gas in a manufacturing plant, or if the discharge of large quantities of toxic or carcinogenic substances is seen, then the company is supposed to be tested. Further, if the employees of the company consume drinking water that has high concentrations of these substances, then they have to undergo treatment. This process will help reduce the amounts of contamination that has been shown to be fatal for humans.

Fish Cleaning: Superfund Administrators has imposed strict procedures that need to be followed when fish has been found dead and partially or completely decomposed. Once this is verified, the area where the fish is found has to be declared safe. If this is not done, the EPA will impose penalties.

Waste Management System: Superfund Administrators has imposed stringent standards on waste treatment plants that need to be followed. If the waste management systems prove useless, the Superfund Administrators has to follow procedures that ensure the quality of the waste. A separate waste management system for each region has to be implemented.

Quality Water and Groundwater: Companies that are responsible for the quality of water used for industrial purposes have to make sure that they maintain or improve their water sources. Regular testing of water sources is also necessary so that water samples are collected periodically and stored for analysis. The testing is done regularly to evaluate the quality of the water and ensure that it is fit for consumption.

Water Purification: Wastewater generated by power generators, sewage and untreated groundwater must be purified. The Superfund Administrators has prescribed guidelines to be followed by companies so that this task is completed effectively. These guidelines provide firms with relevant information about the quality of their existing sources of water, how to minimize their risks of water pollution and how to implement effective water purification and treatment systems.

Superfund Era – EPA Has Put Standards on Supermarket Plumbing Systems and Environmental Tests
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