Before I began writing this article, I was already aware that one of the outcomes of completing the Marines Corps Qualification Test (MCQT) is to take the Marine Senior NCO exam. But I had not really given much thought on how to proceed with this request because the students are usually enlisted in an academy and students tend to keep quiet about all the things that they need to do.

I was in the same position as those students who have been assigned to the academy for several years or are still in the military service. I too want to be a part of the best institution of higher learning.

I was surprised when I realized that, if I would fail the MCQTT, I might lose my chance to join the best Marines that the United States Military has to offer. However, since the whole of the scholarship program is initiated by the Department of Defense (DoD), the military personnel will be relieved.

I had attended a similar institute in Costa Rica but I did not participate in any of the training programs because I was busy studying. Fortunately, I got a scholarship opportunity that provided me with an opportunity to travel and pursue my academic studies and try to work at the very best institute of higher learning.

On top of that, Eamon Dolan has been one of the most outstanding teachers that I have ever encountered in my academic career. He had even lent me his copy of the most used books for students in his course.

I must tell you that the books are top class and the bookmarks that Eamon gave me will always remind me of his greatest disciple for eternity. The books were so valuable that I lost them only because I cannot seem to carry them.

It is just because of Eamon’s attitude that I am able to do my best. Eamon never fails to make us understand that it is our responsibilities to be ready and prepared when the time comes.

When I am thinking about this, I can’t help thinking that what Eamon did for me in 2020 was beyond any expectations. It was simply incredible.

Eamon has now implemented a new system that enables to make you become eligible for the Marine Senior NCO exam. The new system also comes with a method in which you can be able to learn all the stuff that you need to learn in order to be able to pass the MCQTT.

I had no doubt that Eamon was capable of doing this because he has once again proven that he is a true master in the arena of teaching. He had truly opened up the door for his students to take advantage of his knowledge in the education field.

If Eamon had not offered this opportunity to those students who want to become Marines, then the students would have no other choice but to give up their dreams. The students have absolutely no other alternative but to accept these offers.

What the students and the rest of the Marines will not have to regret is that they can now say that they are veterans. And that they can call themselves Navy Veterans because of the hands-on assistance that Eamon has rendered.

Senior NCO Exam to Be Taken For Senior NCOs
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