Retention Policies

There are a number of Retention Policies enacted by Universities, as stipulated in the Retention Agreement. These policies often state that no student will be allowed to register for any classes after their transferable examination date.

All students studying at Harvard, or any other Chinese University in Hong Kong, can obtain help from Retention Policybook Online, which is a clear and concise guide to the different policy matters. It provides specific information on what to do in different situations. Retention Policies may vary slightly from university to university, but the basic elements are the same.

What should I do if I have failed my last examination in my Chinese Language course at Harvard? If you failed the English Composition Exam, this booklet has information on the retaking process.

How will Retentions Policies be upheld at Harvard? This booklet provides information on the University’s administration and also guides students on the process of taking an examination for retention. The information also includes the first two weeks of holding examinations, starting from yesterday.

In my second year, I failed my English Composition examination, but I have decided to go on Retentions Policies. This booklet explains the details of Retentions Policies in detail.

Why am I applying for Retentions Policies? This booklet contains information on how to improve your academic standing with your grades, and what to do in the event of an attempted retake. A Retentions Policy is mandatory for all students registered in the following courses: All other course topics will be reviewed.

A Retentions Policy is not only required for all English courses but is also issued to all new students enrolled in any course except for those courses with the specified exemption. This policy will be implemented for the first time for those students who will attend one of the University’s affiliated international institutions. There is a list of specific courses below.

Please note that students should consult the lecturer of the course they are taking if they have questions about this course, or if they have problems with a specific module or subject. Some courses, such as Mathematics and Geography, have additional restrictions for their students.

Please note that if the lecturer of the course you’re taking tells you that this course is closed for examination and rescheduling, this is NOT true. See the Information for Students page for more information. This information is for students planning to take their first examination in a course that is open for retaking.

Does Retentions Policies apply to me if I take my final examinations for English and/or Literature? There are two major exceptions to this rule: Those students who fail the Literature course and students who fail the English course, and who request a period of relief from Examination Administration.

Which Exam will I be required to take Retentions Policies? This booklet provides information on each exam for each course that is scheduled for the University’s Examination. Retention PolicyBooklet

Choosing the right university for you is an important element in being successful. This booklet provides information on how to identify the best school.

Retention Policies
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