Online English Tutors I am an experienced EFL trained teacher with five plus years’ experience teaching English language learners in all aspects of English. I have taught learners at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels and had hands on experience as well. I can put all my skills together to turn around the students who have problems in reading and writing for the test. I can however use the teaching techniques which have improved my students English language skills and progress their reading and writing. Hey, My name is Mike and I am the online tutor for this particular web page. I am a native speaker and I have various English proficiency. I can provide detailed answers to specific grammar, vocabulary and composition questions.

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My goal is to make sure your child can become successful with the language. I can give you my past-studies from my students so that you can see my technique and get 100% quality of content. i am as comfortable teaching you in the classroom like i am teaching you through the telephone. i know the school exam. i am the best online english tutor. your child will be enjoying himself with me not thinking of the exam. and the best thing is that i will always be available for your child.

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i will always be available so that your child can be taught effectively here in my home/my classroom. My name is Eva I am a certified educator with over 10 years experience teaching the English language. I am passionate about English and will help you improve your skills through my online teaching services and my classroom teaching career. My name is Alan- I had been teaching English in Europe for 13 years. I tutor both in the classroom and online lessons. I always teach English in the classroom and will help you master the subject in the shortest time. I have a lot of experience in the teaching field as well.

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From beginners to advanced learners, I am glad to help you achieve your desires in your studies. I can teach any type of English: Literature, Speaking, Writing, College Essays, Job application, Business Writing etc. I am very passionate about English and I think that not everybody can master this subject. To be able conquer difficult grammar like IELTS and improve Writing skills while learning is one of the main goals of mine. My focus is on English, I believe it is my life’s passion and I do everything to pass it through in the best ways. I just simply can’t help but sharing what I gained in my IELTS profile/IELTS results because it is a matter of pleasure for me and I think that even those who do not have IELTS, you can learn and/or improve anything as it is a human activity. I am experienced teacher; I am from Australia and have been teaching English on various level for 8 years.

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I have experience in teaching at all levels: first year, second year and upper year in universities offering education certificate courses. I am available to tutor by Skype as well as using email. I am available to be your online English tutor in less than 2 hours. Students contact me to: * get started in studies * Review * College essay * Job application * Listening and speaking I am online English tutor with over a decade of teaching experience. I am specialized in teaching new English to any age group. I have successfully educated hundreds of people worldwide through my online tutoring. I am confident I will help you toOnline English Tutors in Vancouver WA I am a working full time mother of 2 children, 1 year apart.

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I am a gifted language learner and I master anything quickly. I love what I do but it is also important for my children and for me. I am a dedicated listener of others, a smart negotiator and communicator, and in addition like to help others when I can. I am a very caring, patient, and spiritual person. I have practiced teaching and tutoring second and middle school students for over a decade in my hometown of St. Louis, MO. After teaching thousands of students I have experienced the classroom, and discovered how students learn at all life stages, often with different strengths and weaknesses than my own students.

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I am a gifted Spanish tutor, and have worked with students from one grade to six using a variety of ESL. Sami is a graduate of the University of Guelph, where she studied Chinese and English. She has worked as a Mandarin English tutor, and while… more details I’m a Native speaker living in my native city Honolulu, Hawaii, though I have lived in the US for 4 years. I’m a high school science teacher in Honolulu.

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I have lived in Hawaii for 5 years and loved the sunshine, the rainbows and all the marine life. I love helping others improve their English because most of the Hawaiian people I know would benefit by learning language. Teaching English can be fun and rewarding, as well as challenging, rewarding and stressful. When I was asked (and required) to teach, all I wanted to do was help learners learn English quickly (or at all) and well and to enjoy the learning process as much as my students do. Learning English has become as much about my students as it is about me, and it’s been rewarding. The time I spend helping them learn to read, listen to, and write English is also important time in my life and in my teaching. No other job I’ve done has resonated enough with me despite being a very mundane, necessary job at the school where I work as a social studies teacher.

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I’ve taught at the college level in the US for the last 9 years which gave me a unique perspective in the classroom that has informed my teaching. I’m a native-Hebrew speaker living in Boston. Though not fluent I’m comfortable using English around others and I like to do a good job leading my learners in the right direction. In addition to teaching I enjoy reading books, enjoying walks on the beach, and being close to nature. Diana is an avid reader, a great cook, a travel enthusiast, and recently a parent to a 6 month old girl. Outside of her teaching, she is a nursing student studying specifically in the nursing specialisation. She has lived in Australia for the last 5 years.

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She is also an avid traveler who loves riding the New South Wales bus. As a new parent Diana is enjoying her new role as a first grader while learning English with a native English learner. In addition to working closely with ESL students, she manages her class’s expectations well (she is not difficult at all). Diana has an awesome sense of humour which is evident when we’re doing the silly games (e.g. we decide on a movie from the teacher-created playbooks and we try to find appropriate movie websites to view it..

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. more details I have livedOnline English Tutors in Red Deer, Saskatchewan Practise or study with the focus on the right practice for the students. If you have English teaching aptitude and you’re enthusiastic about teaching individuals in front of class, then you are definitely the best choice to teach English in Red Deer. My experience: As an English teacher in Spain and India as well as an experience at various schools as head of an English department, I’ve participated in numerous activities, such as: Visiting teachers’ activities Reading clubs Workshops for teachers and students Annual teacher and lecturer expos In addition, there are two events that I regularly attended in my city: SRA and CEMEX. Though these events were the most fun, I admit that the money for their activities was not so worthy. Please do not hesitate to check my profile at the top for details about my knowledge and teaching experience level. My experience: I’ve been teaching English in Red Deer since February 2012.

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Through this experience, I thoroughly received valuable experience in not only teaching individual English but also in the subjects and English writing. I try to teach the importance of the positive and beautiful and I try to straight from the source the situation of my students but, most importantly, I try to motivate students and explain things in a fun way. I am much more interested in giving the student lots of motivation and positive information about what to succeed in English, and, most importantly, I love to read and to be with a wide range of interesting books each month. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in our lessons. I know well the place where you live or where you study. And, I know the best private school in your city. I know exactly what private school costs and I will not charge you anything for your lessons unless it is completely unnecessary.

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I am interested in the way to describe the city of your kids to the future parents and I try to get to know the area where students live. I love to do translations and I try to prepare new Spanish vocabulary. Please feel free to get in touch with me, my contacts, or Skype: Drrachna or in person: Red Deer, Saskatchewan, Canada. My experience: I am here to share my passion in learning English through online. It is just an outstanding experience to hear from a native speaker quickly, to continue learning the language from the person that can help you. The main purpose, is, more than being native, be one thing beside the usual speaking-a-language or English teacher and a useful and enthusiastic native speaker on your computer. You can also speak to me More Help any means like telephone and I am available for the lessons in English.

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Learn Spanish for beginners available here: Ask me about your needs or schedule the lesson by writing to my email. Or, start a Skype telephonic conversation with me at… I provide all the materials to use in any or any English language subject.

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I am very interested to learn about your personality and teach to your taste. Do not hesitate to inquire about more detail or more about the subject. I can provide you with my availability and interest to discuss about all the details. You can expect my reply and response on time and I love to meet new students as it my passion. My experience: I am a native speaker, a graduate from University of Red Deer with a Bachelor in Business Administration. I have been teaching English as a Foreign Language in Vadnais Heights from 2005-2010. I am always ready to volunteer my time and energy to help you grasp your current level of English or any topic being studied in English and help you to improve your English grammar.

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My experience: Although I am only 25 years old I’ve worked as an English Reading Teacher for the last 12-14 years, I help many students each week in private and public schools. Teaching English is not a hobby anymore, it’s not for those who just sit and think in front of a computer all day long or who just like to dream in the mountains what

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