Invasive species aggravate many local, national and international environmental problems. In some cases, they destroy the environment and render it sterile. Therefore, to prevent and control these species, various government and academic bodies have introduced unique methods for invasive species control and management, which include control programs, cultural practices, and research, among others.

Invasive species cause a number of problems for humans and other animals. These species interfere with natural resources, impair the ecosystem’s productivity, and create undesirable conditions for people living nearby. In addition, these plants, animals and other forms of life can spread and reproduce rapidly. So the spread of these plants and animals leads to problems such as the spread of disease and the spread of pests that cause considerable damage to plants and trees.

Therefore, every country in the world has regulations to control specific species. They involve policies and procedures to control both natural and unnatural species and their spread, and some countries implement complete control programs on their own.

The primary aim of these programs is to reduce crop loss and ensure crop productivity. This is achieved by the application of strict management measures and techniques. To prevent the spread of diseases and pests, steps are taken to prevent the population of plant and animal species from expanding. Fertilizers and pesticides are used to control the population.

Research and development on more efficient techniques and technologies are also carried out for the same purpose. It is important to note that the goal of controlling species is not to eliminate them completely; rather, the goal is to control their numbers, numbers which may go beyond acceptable levels, and this is necessary to ensure that the ecosystem does not deteriorate.

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