I Don’t Want Them to Be “Appreciated” – Criminal Defendants Should Be Prepared For Their Exams

If you are one of the many indigent criminal defendants portrayed in this column, then you know that it can be frustrating and expensive to prepare for your exams. Some people do not even bother to take the exam, believing that it will be so difficult that they won’t pass it.

You see, while you are preparing for your own defense, you aren’t going to get the help you need from the state or the court to prepare for your case. Why? Because they don’t want you to.

– Last time I checked, there’s something about ‘appreciating’ you or your story. And if the state did that for me, then why should they appreciate me? I shouldn’t be appreciated!

Well, I’m not too concerned about appreciation at this point in my life, because you know I didn’t do anything wrong. I’ve never done anything remotely similar to that. But there is something about ‘appreciating’ a criminal defendant that bothers me.

There is something about ‘appreciating’ criminals that bothers me. When you go to court, they all seem to be smiling and waving at you, as if to say “thanks, see ya.” And they’re smiling in the court room before your trial even starts, too. They’re ready to go.

In my opinion, that’s something about ‘appreciating’ criminals that bothers me. What makes them so confident? Is it because they’re criminals? Perhaps that’s a possibility. But, it also may be because of the complex laws in Texas that allow them to keep up with the Joneses, the rich and famous.

Maybe they know something the rest of us don’t. Maybe they have a secret knowledge that only we, the taxpayer, know about. I can understand why they wouldn’t want any public access to that information. After all, if they gave it to the government, they would be out of business, if not for the authorities, then for the rest of us, who would then be slaves to the tax payer.

After all, in a democracy, they cannot just keep the secrets in their own hands. Not, when they are willing to give it to the rest of us. And they shouldn’t be allowed to, either.

And I think there’s something about ‘appreciating’ criminals that bothers me, because, like I said, it seems that they’re all confident that they’ll win. I am able to imagine that after all, they have lived many lives already.

But I don’t want them to have that kind of confidence, I just want them to be honest about the tests they take, and how much preparation they put into the exams. And I want them to come to court prepared.

I am not saying that all criminals are guilty. Indeed, some crimes are obviously very serious and deserve serious punishment.

But there is something about ‘appreciating’ criminals that bothers me. They seem to be more than they should be. And that bothers me.

I Don’t Want Them to Be “Appreciated” – Criminal Defendants Should Be Prepared For Their Exams
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