Generic Competitive Strategies

What are Generic Competitive Strategies IMFExam Help Online? What can one do to overcome these test taking strategies?

This strategy has been used for over a century, in spite of being called ‘the London Strategy’. However, this strategy was in fact put into use in the London Market. In the Market, traders began to stick to a price trend instead of reacting to changes in demand.

To see how the strategy is carried out, compare how early business was conducted with the strategy and what is happening now. During the 16th century, firms started buying low and selling high in the hope of gaining a high profit margin.

They would buy at low prices and then sell high by cutting their expenses. The trend continued. It gave rise to what is now known as the Gold Standard.

In contrast, the strategy today makes a firm try to cut costs and even prices to get low prices. This strategy is being applied in the global marketplace, which is why so many companies are forced to adjust their global marketing strategies to adapt to competitive conditions.

So, why is it called Goblin Clown? It was named that because of its market dominance. Although the market was small and seemed to have little scope for further growth, it still managed to dominate its environment by sticking to its ‘traders’ strategy. That is, the company would buy cheap and sell expensive by cutting expenses and switching to a leaner approach.

Because of its singular tactic, the Goblin Clown became famous. It sold its cheap goods at a very high price. Because of its strategy, goblins, carts, and gnomes (i.e.

‘g’ in g-a-n-c-k-e-l-d) were produced. The name Goblin Clown is also to be attributed to the apparent characteristics of goblins. Since they looked like clowns, the design of the company’s trading logo began to reflect that of the former company’s business model.

The Goblin Clown is an important company in the UK economy. It even managed to establish itself as one of the largest supermarkets in the country.

Why does it matter if the Goblin Clown is in charge of the UK economy? Well, because this strategy is still being applied today.

So, if the Goblin Clown is still in charge of the economy, what does that mean for the rest of us? It means that this strategy may continue for a long time. If the competition continues to become stronger, it may become too expensive to change tactics and risk losing business.

Some think that we have seen the last of the Goblin Clown. Others say that even if it wins its current battle against international competition, it may never lose the war.

Generic Competitive Strategies
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