Does Your College Teach About Greenhouse Gases?

It seems to me that biogeochemistry and greenhouse gases deserve more attention. The book is very good, but there is so much more to learn about this. In this article I will discuss two topics that may help you.

The first topic is how greenhouse gases affect the air quality of a particular area. So let’s go into this area.

First, plant photosynthesis is a process in which sunlight is transformed into the chemical energy that plants use to grow. Plants are photosynthetic organisms, so they must use the sun’s energy to make sugars for their bodies. You can think of it as the Sun’s way of using up carbon dioxide in order to produce glucose, a form of sugar. Plants take in sunlight and turn it into the needed sugars.

During plant photosynthesis, plants do not really have an atmosphere to protect them from the air. They are not too close to the ground, so when the sun sets, so does the plants’ ability to use this energy to take in sugars.

But plant photosynthesis doesn’t stop just because the sun sets. Plants still take in sunlight to convert the sunlight into sugars. This energy, however, gets wasted during the oxidation process of the sugars.

During the oxidation process, oxygen molecules are introduced into the sugars. Oxygen is used to break down the glucose molecules and to give it energy. Plants get a lot of oxygen.

Another thing that plants get is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is converted into glucose and water, and these two molecules become part of the plants’ atmosphere.

The amount of carbon dioxide the plants use is directly proportional to the amount of light they get. As the plant becomes more active, it uses more carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide isn’t the only type of gas being produced by plants. Other gases include methane, ammonia, nitrous oxide, ozone, and volatile sulfur compounds.

Now that we have discussed the types of greenhouse gasses, let’s move on to another important topic. How does this relate to my University Exams? Let’s go back to the air quality question.

During the photosynthesis process, plants and the process of photosynthesis, plants and the process of photosynthesis release gases into the air. But, the gases released during photosynthesis are part of the atmosphere. Therefore, if we talk about greenhouse gasses, then we must also talk about the amount of gas emissions created by plants.

Now that we know what greenhouses gasses are, we can better understand how and why they affect our air quality. The next time you ask your professor a question related to gasses, ask him or her about the role greenhouse gasses play in the atmosphere. You might be surprised to learn what a big role they play.

Does Your College Teach About Greenhouse Gases?
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