Could You Believe That a Law Student Could Have a Copeland Test?

Would you believe that if you were to take a look at the samples that have been going around of David Copeland and the home schooling site that he created, you would see how perfect it would be for an attorney to be able to take this Copeland test. Let’s see if that is not correct.

If you take a look at the Copeland home study course website, you will see a sample in which the student takes his handwriting sample and reads it off of the computer. You can actually see that the student has had the same handwriting for years, but not the kind of handwriting that would be acceptable to any adult in the town, let alone on a college application. The student must use their own handwriting as their one and only sample.

Not only is this sample filled with mistakes, but there are lots of errors in spelling, spelling and grammar as well. Now granted, this Copeland writing sample comes from the Copeland home school course, but you can see that anyone could apply that kind of template to a college application.

Remember when Copeland was in college taking the test that was used by the Ivy League? There was one section of the test that the student had to sit there and spell words, and it included a word puzzle. They had to solve the puzzle in order to complete the section of the test.

When the writing test came out, the writing section included a writing test. It was said that these students were copying down lines of handwriting from the chalkboard and were saying that they were writing. This brought up a whole new set of legal issues about what kind of handwriting would be acceptable in the law school applications.

In fact, Hicks had all of the students copied and then showed them the same handwriting samples that Copeland had just taken of himself and the students did not know who the student was. The Copelandhome school website has lots of samples of handwriting, but the question still remains as to whether or not someone has the right to just take one of those samples and use it to get into law school.

There are lots of books that have been written about the Copeland home school course, and the internet is the best source for the information you are looking for. Remember, that with anything like this, the best source of information is to read the book. I am sorry, but I would rather know that information first hand before I search the internet.

Do you remember John Hicks? When Hicks was trying to figure out what to do about some of the characteristics of certain kinds of students, he created a formal manual that he called the “Academic Ability Model”. He wanted to go ahead and give a set of criteria to what makes someone who they are.

The book is valuable to someone who is trying to figure out what makes them the right kind of person to have as a student. I am sure there are plenty of us out there who have tried to come up with some of our own ways to judge who the right person would be and this can help people, and also who not to have in a law school.

Remember when Hicks was discussing the faculty and the students at an event and how the faculty was very different than the students? The teachers were able to keep their jobs and the students who did poorly have to leave their program. One of the students even had to go back to school and find another way to pass his classes.

The students were in an all-girls co-ed program and were asked not to wear clothing that they should be wearing. The clothing issue was not just about who could wear what, but also how they could get to class and the state of the property. Everything was decided by the students.

Copeland could have easily done the same thing for the students who took his online English courses, and he would have many samples to compare. What does he think now?

Could You Believe That a Law Student Could Have a Copeland Test?
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