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Chemicals Are Causing Your Health Problems - HireForExamz.com

Chemicals Are Causing Your Health Problems

“Chemical Carcinogens Awakens Chemical Cessation.” That’s the title of a recent article by Erin Mackie, a former A-rated chemistry student who, with her husband, realized that the long-term exposure to toxic chemicals and carcinogens in their well water and food supply was causing them, like many others, to develop serious illnesses.

“Hearing loss, lung cancer, immune system problems, nervous system damage, mental retardation, developmental delays, behavioral problems, cataracts, cardiovascular disease, and reduced life expectancy all increase with age,” wrote Mackie. “As adults, these conditions become much more difficult to manage. They can bring an end to careers, relationships, and other aspirations.”

“Organic and inorganic chemicals that are used in industrial processes and in manufacturing have polluted our drinking water for decades,” she explained. “And it’s gotten worse as billions of pounds of coal burning power plants are constantly dumping tons of toxic chemicals into our air and water every year.”

Because of this massive organic contamination, chemicals like benzene, trichloroethylene, and DDT, which were banned decades ago, are still present in the air, water, and land in which we live today. Many of the chemicals, which were banned because they are known to cause cancer, are still being used in agriculture and they are causing the same cancer-causing effects. The media and scientists all cite the chemicals as the leading factor in increasing cancer rates.

The best way to avoid being exposed to these carcinogens is to take my University Examination Help Online (MEET) online test and to use natural health care options, like alternative medicines, to combat them. This makes sense, because what does it say about the chemical content of foods and the water we drink when they continue to be used and consumed for years, causing our bodies to be overloaded with chemicals, poisons, and toxins?

Cancer is not just a result of one single factor, but one big thing, which cause many different things to come together and feed off of each other to form tumors, cancers, and other illnesses. It is not just genetics, or certain types of medical conditions, but instead a combination of many factors that are the cause of a lot of chronic and life-threatening diseases. When these factors get out of balance, the results can be life-threatening.

“Chemical Carcinogens Awaken Chemical Cessation.” That’s an apt description of what’s going on in the world today as more people are becoming sick from the constant exposure to chemicals.

For example, people who consume large amounts of sugar are at risk for heart disease, anxiety attacks, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, depression, and many other illnesses. People who consume large amounts of fat and carbohydrates are at risk for osteoporosis, high blood pressure, weight gain, and diabetes.

Those who consume alcohol daily are at risk for coronary artery disease, stroke, diabetes, heart attack, obesity, colon cancer, esophageal cancer, gallbladder disease, gall bladder disease, and kidney disease. Those who consume large amounts of caffeine, nicotine, and processed foods are at risk for cancer, anxiety, addiction, and depression.

“Chemical Carcinogens Awaken Chemical Cessation.” Well, that’s interesting, since much of what is found in the air, water, and land has been banned in our society.

According to the National Cancer Institute, exposure to environmental contaminants is the main cause of cancer. What I hope is that someday the cancer problem will be solved, because we should never live in a world where there is cancer occurring.

“Chemical Carcinogens Awaken Away!” Now that’s a promise, isn’t it?

Chemicals Are Causing Your Health Problems
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