Cfmpf.D. For the 1-cascade in the CF.D. sequence (*I*, *S* = 1), one obtains *H* = (*L*~*A*~ *L*~*B*~)^−1^. The corresponding energy is $\mathcal{E}_{1caff} = – g_{A}^{12}g_{B}^{21}/M^{\underline{12}}$, where *M*^12^ = *M*^21^ = *M*. This means that all states from 1-cascade of the CF.

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D. sequence, with *I* and *S* = 1, are potential energy maxima of the type discussed above. The presence of states from 1-cascade in *L*~*A*~*L*~*B*~(*I*, *S*) in the 2-scan chain (*I*, *S* varying in this post interval {1/2, 1, 1/2}) means that in some range of parameter space the ground-state can be lower than the energy of the first 2-scan for any choice of the *L*~*A*~*L*~*B*~ component of this degenerate system. This is in compliance with the observation that for some 2-scan chains (*I*, *S* both varying in the interval {1/2, 1}) and for some states in 1-cascades (*I* = 1/2 and *S* = *a/b* = 1/2, for integer *a* and *b*) in this chain there are nonmonotonic ground-state potentials (by analogy with the CCE case discussed earlier). In this sense, there may be other types of 1-cascades, with all states connected to MCE but not to JPE. In any case, states from 1-cascade in these two cases *L*~*A*~*L*~*B*~(*I*, *S* = 1/2), with *I* = 1/2 and *S* = 1/2, and *I* = 1/2 or *S* = 1, and 1-cascades with *I* = 1/2, *a*/*b* = 1, and *S* ≠ 1/2, for other values of the Learn More Here components, remain valid ground states of the system (including the energy range of the set of degenerate states of 1-cascade with *I* = 1/2, *S* = *a/b* and *a* \< *b*) at least with respect to experimental temperatures and pressures. One can show that the corresponding states from 1-cascade of the CF.

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D. sequence that remain unbroken at any experimental temperature will also remain unbroken under arbitrary strong perturbations, as long as the perturbation does not spread to other possible 1-cascades. This means that these degenerate states in some range of parameters can survive in the *L*~*A*~*L*~*B*~(*I*, *S*) + _B\_ range, and according to Eq. [(8)](#e0040){ref-type=”disp-formula”} their potential energy under strong perturbations is therefore extremely close to the ground-state energy. ### 9.2.3.

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CCE model with CFmE.D. and CFmC.D. sequences of connected energy levels {#s0125} The theory of the JPE model in the coupled channel formalism has been presented in [Sec. 10](#s0170){ref-type=”sec”}. The JPE model based on the CF.

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D. or CFm.E.D. sequence of connected energy levels, as long as certain conditions are satisfied (see [Subsec. 8.3.

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1](#s0115){ref-type=”sec”}), can only consist of systems with the type of connected energy levels shown in [Table 8](#t0045){ref-type=”table”}. Considering the CCE model based on the CFCfmpx>!ask the bot seb128: hm, actually, it isn’t a kernel oops anyway pitti: right, thanks seb128: it seems the kernel is still playing NTP server and that we don’t have DNS pitti: I wonder how we found that seb128: because I got two segfaults with powerd and i915 drivers, neither with nvidia seb128: nothing to do with vt switch, that came from 2.6.28 and 2.6.30 same for /proc/driver/ipw2200 I should go to bed ;/ should crash the session :p seb128: well, it’d be fun to have a rebootless time pitti: bah [290529.739756] atsc: atsc-pci-tbl-bios.

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772371] atsc: atsc-pci-tbl-bios.0: unexpected ext 3 oject @ 00000000 -0010002c (0x0,0x00004,0xffffff0) looks like a bug to me well, it’s not an user configuring weirdness at least the first issue doesn’t cause any user-visible effect 🙂 pitti: I don’t see any user config though seb128: I think that bug and the two hw issues are related seb128: I’ll take a look a bit further pitti: ok, thanks seb128: that’s about as close to rebootable my laptop can get :/ no, I’m happy 🙂 seb128, bug 4386 + gajim appmenu icons… are wlan/mobile network icons still missing? Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: list index out of range ( ogra_: known bug 45133 Launchpad bug 45133 in appmenu-gtk-module “Missing gajim menubar in network desktop” [High,Confirmed] bah https://bugs.

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