Cell Phone Tested My Wife’s Response

In a personal story, I was on my way to work when my wife said, “It’s time for the cellular phone bill.” It was time for the cellular phone bill because she had forgotten to pick up the bill from work.

She said, “I am getting ready to go to work and I have to pay the cellular phone bill so I am trying to forget about it.” And now she said, “I just want to pay the bill this morning and leave it at that.” And then I said, “I am going to walk you to the bank to deposit your money.” And when I said that, she smiled and said, “Okay.”

“We had a fight last night about my taking my cell phone with me,” said her husband. So we told her the story of how the fight got started.

It seemed that, two or three weeks before, my wife left me, and I was not thinking straight. We were still getting along fine. But the reason I mention this, is that I do believe that in relationships, you need to keep your guard up. So it was important to take my cell phone with me.

Anyway, my wife went back to work, came home and picked up the phone. When she got it out to look at it, the message read, “Confirmed. You have been approved for a cellular phone plan.” She looked at the text and the number in the text. It was the person who called her the night before and put me in the position of having to turn her down.

So when she came home, I said, “What is it, and why do you have a cell phone number?” I couldn’t believe what she was telling me. “You can’t have that phone, because I don’t want to use itanymore,” she said. But my wife could get very angry. And she took a much more forceful stance, by calling the other person, and talking to them on the phone.

My wife was telling the other person to come over and take their cellular phone. After a couple of minutes of talking on the phone, my wife said, “So that was the plan. Now I am going to get your cellular phone and I am not going to use it.”

When she said, “No” to my question, and that I was going to have to take my cellular phone and she would just give me a call later, the other person started laughing. My wife said, “Oh yeah? When are you going to pick it up?”

And the other person said, “Oh no, she is going to take your cellular phone away and throw it away!” And the conversation turned into a very heated one. My wife started yelling at the person to get out of the house and leave my wife alone. And she started to get into a big fight with the other person, because she was so mad at them.

But the other person was always smiling. I could see him smiling because they were having a good time.

My wife made the mistake of speaking to me about what had happened. She told me that the person she was fighting with at work didn’t realize that I wasn’t interested in cellular phones.

I said, “If you don’t leave right now, I will be right over.” She did, and I took my cellular phone from her and hung up the phone. So I asked her, “Did you feel bad taking my cell phone?”

Cell Phone Tested My Wife’s Response
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