On the 20th of June, hundreds of students will be heading to Bristol in the hope of obtaining their third or fourth Ailey degrees. They have chosen this university for a variety of reasons, but the reasons are as varied as the students who have entered this process so far. They have all chosen this course because it offers them a variety of opportunities and has the potential to provide them with many professional and personal benefits.

The programme for students choosing undergraduate courses has varied, including modules that include business administration, nursing and social care, arts and humanities, languages, tourism and languages, health and public services, creative industries, history and politics, and veterinary science. The number of degrees awarded is very high.

Students are required to complete all of their Ailey undergraduate degree requirements in Bristol. When the course is completed, students are given an examination known as the Devon Ailey examination.

The examination is a written examination that is designed to assess a student’s knowledge of business, finance, management, accounting, law, accounting, administration, marketing, organisation and entrepreneurship. Students are also assessed on their knowledge of English, maths, IT, geography, languages, psychology, geography, statistics, philosophy, and practical skills. Students will be able to take the quiz at the beginning of the course and also throughout the entire course.

Students are required to be registered with the local board of administration when they are going to take the examination. However, there is no age requirement for taking the exam. The board of administration is responsible for ensuring that the qualifications of those who pass the Ailey exam are suitable for placement.

The examination will be administered by a five-member independent panel. The members will be trained and well qualified and will be experts in their field, such as an accountant, solicitor, a clinical nurse or a company director.

The course requires students to complete the exams in three years, after which they have to maintain a two-year full time study. To keep up their credits, students will have to continue their studies.

Students who complete their Ailey degree have a certain degree of qualification, although no legal qualification is available for non-lawyers. Law and doctors may apply to undertake the degree, if they are prepared to take part in the clinical rotations and to complete the written portion of the exam in Bristol.

All qualified candidates will have to provide official documentation that they are eligible to undertake the course, which will be verified through the local board of administration. Students can apply for the course without providing any official documentation and will normally be accepted without the need for any professional references.

The British Education Ministry and the Home Office are very supportive of the Ailey system. As a result, students who pass the final examination and are accepted into the course will also be provided with further professional development opportunities.

Professional development is provided through the university where the curriculum is broadly similar to other non-specialist institutions. On completion of the course, students will be provided with an opportunity to acquire further qualifications which are then referred to throughout their career.

Many UK students, including Ailey students, pass the examination and receive a certificate of qualification. However, it is important for these students to retain their transcripts as a reminder of their achievements and will only be offered recognition after two years of full time study.

Ailey University: Tuition and Professional Development
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